I have been a photographer and creative director for 18 years. About 10 years ago, I started receiving messages from my maternal grandparents through automatic writing. At the time, I didn’t think much of it. I was very happy to hear from them, but didn’t consider the skill unusual in any way. As I started listening more to the guidance I was receiving from the spirit world, I began to realize that I had more capabilities than I was aware of.

The more open I became, the more that started coming through. When I began receiving messages from the departed loved ones of others, I knew it was time to seek formal training and development for this type of work.

I belong to several development circles and have studied Advanced Mediumship with John Holland and Janet Nahovec, two of the best in the United States and recognized globally for their abilities. I feel very grateful and honored to do this type of work and look forward to assisting you in any way that I can.

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I am currently offering intuitive readings: psychic, mediumship or a combination of both. My best readings are done in a blind format, where you send a question or area that you would like to receive guidance on. I begin working on the reading, addressing the area or areas of interest. We then set-up a call together to discuss the information received.


  • Psychic readings

  • Channeling guides

  • Akashic records

  • Mediumship


  • To book your reading, please complete the form on this page and click submit.

  • You will receive a confirmation email to set-up your call time along with a link to the payment site.

  • The payment serves as your permission and indication to the spirit world that you want to be read.

  • I typically meditate and start the reading very early in the morning, journaling the notes as I go. This allows me to sit on the information for a day, look it over a second time the next day and then verify it a third time before our call together.


  • It is helpful to meditate and set the intention of what and who you would like to come through the reading.

  • Mediumship: I cannot guarantee that a specific departed loved one will come through; however, you setting the intention of who you want will increase the chances of getting a message from that person. Keep in mind that not all departed loved ones have the equal ability to communicate.

  • For mediumship readings, please do not include the name of the person you’d like to come through on the form below.

  • The spirit world doesn’t necessarily give us what we want, but it always delivers what we need.


Introductory offer:

30-minute reading via Zoom/Skype: $150

1-hour reading via Zoom/Skype: $250

Jill gave me a reading right after my mom passed away and it was truly healing and transformational.

Jill has the gift of connecting with spirit and relaying messages from family members and friends from the other side. In addition, she can guide her clients to open a conversation with departed loved ones and continue their relationship with them.

She gave me specific, intimate information about my family which has helped me move through my grief and towards my passions. I no longer feel loss but surrounded by love.
— Tasha
*I recommend a combination of all tools.